What are the Best Educational Games for Kids?

Nowadays parents are worried about their children spending a lot of time over computer or over a smartphone or tab. Today it seems most of the children are born with the ability More »


Teach Your Kids to Cook: 5 Tips to Get You Started


If you are a parent, then definitely you know how it feel to feed our children with the delicious food then we make and if you have notice, our children also like to copy us and feed us with their delicious imaginary dessert and pizza. If you think that your children are of appropriate ages to start learning of about how to cook, then you must definitely go through the five tips. You can always find more tips at BBCgoodfood (http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/top-10-tips-cooking-kids).

Let us go through the five basic tips on how to get started to teach your kids to cook:

Make a deal with them

If you want to have the best experience in teaching your kids how to cook, then the very first thing that you are supposed to do it, make a deal with them about their behavior in the kitchen and if they want to choose a specific dish to cook, then let them do so, but only on specific days and on the other day, you will be one who will decide what will be taught in the kitchen for the day.

Be in a fun mood rather than being Arrogant


Teaching anything to your kids is a big task and if you have decided to make them a chef in a day or two, then you are simply wasting your time, energy, and ingredients. Kids will be able to learn about anything when it is done in fun way, if you are able to keep the mood light in the kitchen, then no doubt you kids will become the best chef in the future.

Explain the terminology also

Kids have a very sharp memory and whatever new words they listen, us always there in their mind and they keep on repeating it till it gets fixed into their mind. So it is better to explain them the basic terminology that is used in the daily life of the kitchen, this will make them easy to under about the proper meaning of the word and they would be all the more interested to do so.

Be ready to the mess


They are kids and if you are expecting them not to make any kind of mess, then that is simply not possible. If you want to less up your cleaning schedule, then you can spread some newspapers in their workstation and let them create the most beautiful cake or pasta in this world and later when the class is over, you can clean up like real fast.

Have a watch on them always

Even they have understood to mixed two or three ingredients together, still you should not let them on their own for it. You should be there always, when they are taking cooking classes from you. But don’t male a habit of helping them with everything. You simply need to stand there and see how the things are going on if you sense some mishaps is going to take place, then be ready to take the charge.

5 Great Tips To Organize Kids’ Rooms


Does your kid’s room always look like it was recently wrecked by a tornado? Kids have so much stuff, toys and clothes making their rooms difficult to stay clutter-free and organized. Seasonal events like a new school year, holidays or birthday bring fresh motivation to the drive to get children organized. In most cases the kids bedroom are they most disorganized. This article guides you through 5 great tips to organize kids’ room.

Pain one Wall With Chalkboard Paint

Pain one Wall

This allows your children to actually draw on the wall, something they will love. However, this is more than merely an artistic expression. You can write down tasks for the kids or reminders making your kids learn to stay organized.

Make their Furniture do Double Duty


This tip helps you get the most from their space. A book case for instance can be used as a room divider; a dresser can double as a changing room. Little innovations go along way when it comes to creating more space in kids rooms.

Use Baskets to Store Toys and Clothes


Delegate particular baskets for specific items and ask your kid to throw stuff into the appropriate basked after use. This is the easiest ways to keep things off the floor in your kids’ room and helping your kids learn to clean up. A chic basket can be put on a shelf or in a closet so that nosey in-laws and guests will never know they are housing you kids’ clutter. Begin to sort out, store and simplify your kids’ room. You can start with sorting out outgrown and out of season clothes and storing them elsewhere. Removing the extra stuff from your kids’ room helps it look orderly and neat.

Contain, Corral and Control


Open shelves and try boxes are no place to store children’s belongings, especially those involving numerous tiny parts. To organize toys in your kids room always think contain, corral and control. Learn to contain toys and other possession before you store. Use your plastic shoebox containers for small toys and lager lidded bins for trucks, cars, blocks and light-weight cardboard record boxes for stuffed animals. You can also use specialty organizers to corral your child’s comic books, cassette tapes, CDs, video games and magazines. Containers will help you as a parent to control the number of toys out at any given time. For instance, teach your children to play with one set of toys after the other set goes back into their storage.


Tips to Get Your Kid Started with Racing dirt Bike


When your kids ask for a race a dirt bike may be you will not be aware of it or hoe to get started with it. But it’s not difficult or confusing to get it. All that you need is dirt bike, a safety gear and directions of the track. before you start reading the article, check out American Motorcyclist Association:


Outdoor and Indoor Racing

Basically there are two types of motocross racing for kids. They are outdoor and indoor. Depending up on the climate you can choose for the type of racing for your kids. The outdoor track is open seasonally; in north Pacific Northwest outdoor track is open throughout winter.

Th indoor tracks are more of technical course along with tight corners and jumps close together. This should not discourage beginning riders as it develops important skills and allows the young riders to perform well on tracks. The outdoor rides are quite longer rides and has more jumps along with some tight corners. When compared with indoor tracks, the outdoor tracks have quite longer stretches in order to achieve higher speeds. Just because there is great space for higher speeds, it doesn’t mean that new rider will take utmost advantage of it. Almost all the new drivers are good and capable of regulating their current riding level. It’s better to ask for the local motor shop as they will be aware of the local racing scene. Ask and get confirmed about both outdoor and indoor track and also ask for any suggestions if they have for you.

The main intention of the people who run tracks is, they want to provide safe experience for users and want to provide chance for everyone to participate in race and have fun.

Safety gear

The safety gear is the very essential item that one need to race. It should not be out fitted other than the gear that you had outfitted to ride at home. MotRev.net experts claim, that there are certain things that are very much essential for riders and they are helmet, gloves, boots and chest protector. It’s better advised to try out with the gear prior to purchasing it. Comfort and convenience is very much important particularly for kids.

While purchasing helmet make sure that they have current Snell or the DOT rating on it. Goggles are very much necessary for the riders on track. Riders who go in front of you will kick up mud and dirt that can be quite dangerous if it hits you child. These goggles are not expensive piece of gear item but while purchasing makes sure that they have good reputation for providing protection against fog and dust.

Irrespective of the type of event, there are certain items that are very much necessary to carry with you to the track. Make sure of carrying cameras to capture or video the most beautiful moments. While going for any event it’s better to pack a plastic bag of ice   along with your food box. The main reason for carrying ice is keeps your food cools enough and can be applied to the injured person.

What are the Best Educational Games for Kids?


Nowadays parents are worried about their children spending a lot of time over computer or over a smartphone or tab. Today it seems most of the children are born with the ability to handle technology at a very small age and have the knowledge of using a tab in their early ages of development. Kids in the age group 2-8 years have the tendency to exploit a smart device and therefore like to spend a lot of time with devices like tabs and mobile phones.

Most parents are worried about the education of their children as most working couples have very less time to look after their kids all day long. Therefore whenever they return home, they see their kids playing on their computer or tab. Since they already have developed a strong affinity towards technology and smart devices, parents should take some advantage of it.

The best way to educated children of lower ages at home is to take advantage of the available technology and use it to educate their children in an interactive way. Today, thousands of games are available that runs on an iOS platforms and computers which are a great tool to educate children. Today 90% of the total children population all over the world are reported to play video games. Therefore, in this tech savvy age, parents should not try to oppose the trend, where they would surely fail, rather use this technology to their advantage and educate their offspring with an interactive game.

two kids

Which games are best?

Here are some of the games which I think can be used to teach your children in an interesting way.

  1. Fish School HD

This is best for the age group 2-5 or preschoolers. With this game, you can teach your children about numbers, shapes, colours and letters. All of this could be done with the help of an animated fish. This app covers all the basic skills that are subjected to be taught in preschool. There is also a lesson on differences using various animated fishes.

  1. Scout’s ABC Garden

This fantastic game features a green puppy, Scout, who helps kids find things he has lost and count water droplets and grow letters. It can only be personalised for a single person at a time, so it is best for teaching a kid at a time.

  1. Balloony Word

This is best for 6-10 years. This version of Hangman features a Kangaroo named Kendra and a Gorilla named Gordon. They hang from balloons with letters printed on them and to help them get down on ground safely, the player has to form meaningful words.

  1. Dinosaur Park Math

This mathematical game is best suitable for ages 8-12. This app along with facts on dinosaurs consists of a combination of subtraction, division, addition and multiplication. The game takes your kid on a round of the park and offers challenges that need to be solved in order to get access to different parts of the park.

Along with these games, you can get other such interactive games over the internet that could prove to be beneficial for your kids.